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Valuation and Business Modelling:

The process of determining the value of assets either tangible or intangible, liabilities or a company as a whole is called as Valuation. Valuation can be achieved by having functional understanding of various elements and expertise judgements and futuristic view which involves identifying the need of valuation, factors effecting like industry, competition, economic and environmental factors, and choice of feasible approach or method, implementation of the chosen approach.

Business valuation is conducted for taxation purpose or sale of a business concern or liquidation purpose with the basis as business is going concern or when a business is into liquidation. The process for business valuation is as follows:

The significant benefits of an Equity Compensation Plans are:

  • Identifying and Planning for the purpose of valuation
  • Gaining the related information required
  • Evidently detailing the resolution of valuation
  • Forming the principle of valuation
  • Ascertaining the interested party involved
  • Supporting the results of the research carried out
  • Beginning of valuation
  • Assessing the valuation derived for secondary evidence and realistic testing
  • Valuation report drafting
  • Concluding the report by reconsidering it for comprehensiveness and exactness

Business Modelling

There are four stages involved in a business model, Creation business model, Extension of business model, Revising the business model and Dissolution of the business model. A business model should be dynamic in nature, as it is required to extend, revise or terminate in order to have the competitive advantage and sustain in the market. We at Complisure, helps you to form a dynamic and distinctive business model and provide valuation services that are suitable to your business.

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