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Increased Authorized Capital

An increase in paid-up capital or authorised capital must be completed with proper resolution from the board and filing of forms with the Registrar of Companies. 

Authorized Capital is the maximum amount of capital generated by a company for its shareholders via the issue of shares. It can be altered based on the requirement with any of the following steps.

  1. For making a fresh issue, share capital is maximized.
  2. Division and Amalgamation of shares or share capital will form larger denomination shares.
  3. Subdivision of shares or share capital will form smaller denomination shares.

If the company means to alter its authorized capital with any of the above-stated manner, then it is mandatory to amend the Share Capital clause in the Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the Company.



Our highly qualified CA, CS and business advisors at Complisure provide you complete assistance for the procedures involved in compliance and provisions of Companies Act, 2013, for the Alteration in Authorised Capital of the company in addition to other required relevant forms which are applicable for your Company. 


Once you understand the procedures involved for your organization, our advisors will prepare a draft and help you gather all the necessary documents to file ROC.


Our advisors will assist you in filing necessary e-forms for an alteration of Authorised Capital and modification of MOA of the company.