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Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registration

Any business firm crossing the minimum threshold of annual turnover or if established as a new business entity expecting to cross the minimum threshold, must register for GST.

Businesses involved in the activity of selling or buying of goods or services or both must apply for GST if in the applicable turnover bracket.

Entities without GST Registration cannot levy tax from the customer nor are allowed to claim input tax for GST paid to suppliers.

If an entity exceeds Rs. 20 LPA income, then a company must register for GST. Companies in special category states with an annual income exceeding Rs. 10 lacks will be required to register for GST.

Regardless of the annual turnover criteria, there are other criteria that could make an entity liable to register for GST. Within 30 days of becoming liable for GST Registration, GST Application must be filed by Firms who require to register GST.

Companies requiring to register for GST must file the GST application within 30 days of becoming liable for GST registration.

Talk to us regarding your business’s GST status. We can guide you register for GST and GST compliance maintenance. Subject to government processing time and client document submission, an average of 3-5 working days will be required for GST Registration.

GST Registration Eligibility Criteria

Turnover Criteria

GST Registration is required for businesses who sell both- goods and services and cross turnover of Rs. 40 LPA. Rs. 10 lakhs is the minimum turnover criteria for special-category states.

Inter-State Supply

If a company is undertaking inter-state supply of goods and/ or services, then, irrespective of yearly income, enrolling into GST registration is compulsory.

E-Commerce Sellers

Regardless of the annual income, registration of GST is compulsory for the businesses supplying both goods or services via e-commerce platforms.

Casual Taxable Persons

According to GST act, a “Casual Taxable person” is a person who takes the responsibility of supplying goods and/or services occasionally in the capacity of principal agent or any other capacity in a Union/State territory where he has no fixed business place.


Application Preparation

Our Experts at Complisure will prepare a GST Application as along with the required supporting documents which are meant to be submitted for GST Registration.

Application Processing

On submitting the application, the concerned Office will request for further documentation and/or additional information.  We shall appraise you in case of additional information requirement.

GST Registration

We will guide you for further documentation or in responding any queries for completing the procedure of GST Registration.

GSTIN and the GST Certificate are provided after the supporting documents and GST gets verified by the Officer.

Business Registration Documents  

Business registration documents such as Incorporation certificate or Partnership deed etc., must be submitted for all types of registered entities. Not required in case of a proprietorship.

Documents required for GST registration

Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card of the Business or Applicant

PAN Card is linked to the GSTIN (Goods and Services Identification Number). Therefore, to obtain a GST Certificate, a PAN Card is compulsory.

Identity and Address Proof of Promoters

Aadhar Card or Voters Identity, Driving-license, passport should be submitted to the promoters for an identity and address proof.

Business Registration Documents 

Business registration documents like Incorporation certificate or Partnership Deed etc. must be submitted for all types of listed entities. (Not necessary in case of Proprietorship.)

Address Proof for Place of Business

Along with the copies of latest property tax receipt or municipal Khata copy or rental agreement or sale deed, Business Address Proof should be provided.

Bank Account Proof

Bank Statement Copy, Pass book copy, cancelled cheque which include bank account proof should be provided. After obtaining GST Registration, the same proofs will be provided.

Digital Signature

There is no need for digital signature in case of Proprietorship firm. For the authorised signatory to sign and submit the application, a digital signature is needed for some business classes.