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FSSAI Registration Consultants

For the proper functioning of the production, distribution and transportation of food, it is compulsory to procure a FSSAI registration or license.

In 2006, The Food Safety and Standards Act was introduced to enhance the production, distribution and transportation of food products accordingly with the act and no individual can initiate or continue any business in those departments except with a FSSAI registration or FSSAI license.

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) issued the FSSAI License and Ministry of Family Health and welfare Under the aegis of the Central Government of India.

License Categories

The FSSAI License is subdivided into 3 primary categories:

  • Basic Registration
  • State Level License
  • Central License

Basic Registration will be required by individuals involved with cottage or small-scale industries or small manufacturers who have a turnover of 12 lakhs annually.

State License will be required by restaurants, hotels and medium sized manufacturers and Central License will be required by large sized manufacturers.

Location Specific

Each distinct location where food is handled will require a separate FSSAI Registration or a separate License and they require multiple FSSAI licenses if the businesses are handled at more than one location.

Hawkers and Cottage Industries

  • Small scale and Cottage industries which are included in micro businesses or any other similar food business with a turnover not exceeding Rs.12 lakhs annually.
  • A petty vendor or retailer, temporary stall vendor or a hawker, food distributor for social or religious gatherings, except a caterer and a producer or seller of any food items.


An FSSAI License is only valid for 1-2 years duration. Depending on the specific requirements of the business, it can be renewed before the expiry for the next term depending on the business specific requirements.


Application Preparation

Our FSSAI Licensing Experts will prepare your FSSAI Application along with the supporting documents which are required to be submitted to FSSAI.

Application Processing

The relevant FSSAI Licensing Office will process the application immediately after the submission of application and might request for additional information and further documentation. In case of any additional information requirement, you will be notified.

FSSAI License

By providing a validity of 1 or 2 years, we will guide you to any requests for completion of the process of obtaining your license and further documentation (if necessary).