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Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Registration

Employees in India are provided a health insurance and a self-financing social security funded by the Government - Employee’s State Insurance (ESI).

As stated in the ESI Act, 1948, the ESI fund will be managed by the ESI Corporation. The ESI Corporation plays an administrative role in the provisions made to employees and their family like cash and medical benefits via extensive network of offices, hospitals and dispensaries across the country.

Benefits like medical treatment for the insured and his/her family including a wide range of surgical, obstetric, ambulance services, medical, specialist consultation, etc., are obtained under the scheme. Pay benefits can also be enjoyed during their illness in addition to the medical care for insured individuals.

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ESI Registration

Complisure responds to queries and request for further documentation (if required) and complete the process of obtaining your ESI Registration.

Application Preparation

Along with the required documents which are supposed to be submitted for ESI Registration, your application of ESI will be prepared by our ESI Experts.

Application Processing

The application will be processed by the concerned ESI Officer after the application gets submitted and there could be request for additional information at this point.

ESI Registration

Complisure guides in the documentation process and responds to your queries while your application is processing and will help you complete the Registration process.