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Digital Signature Certificate Registration Consultants

A digital equivalent of physical certificates or an electronic format is a Digital Signature Certificate. Issued by MCA, it will act as an advanced protected key to confirm the persona of an individual who held the declaration through an authorized expert.

The following data is comprised in Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): Nation, pin-code, email, client’s name, name of the guaranteeing authority, date of issuance of declaration. Advanced Signatures are utilized for opening the key encryptions to make marks.


  • Credibility of reports: In order to be guaranteed of legitimacy of endorsers, digitally marked certificates will offer certainty to the recipient. They can make a move based on the records without getting stressed over the archives which are being manufactured.
  • Diminishes expense and time: Instead of making genuine printed copies, examining them to send via email and archiving them, one can carefully sign the PDF records and send them at a considerably rapid pace.
  • Information honesty: Documents which are marked carefully cannot be transformed in the process of marking which ensures security of information and protection.
  • Declarations are constantly requested by Organizations related to Administration in order to cross-check and confirm the business transaction.
  • When business is directed on web, for verifying the data of individual subtleties of the individual holder, Computerized Signature Certificates are helpful.
  • It is not important for the Digital Signature Declaration holder to be present physically for approving or leading the business.

Classes of DSC

Class 2 Certificates:

In general, for e-recording with the Registrar of Companies (ROC), signatory specialists/ chief of the organization will be given Class 2 Certificates. For the individuals who require to sign the manual archives while recording profits with the ROC, they are compulsory.

Class 3 Certificates:

These validations are used in offering in e-barters/online cooperation and online tenders within India. Class 3 computerized signature endorsement is required for the individuals who are interested and wants to utilize online tenders.