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Change Objective or Activity

Complisure delivers business services such as GST Registration, Income Tax Filing, Company Registration, etc. We help you in the process of amendment of MOA for your company.

Alteration of Memorandum of Association

Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the company needs to be changed if there is any change in the main objective of the company, the name of the company, the location of the registered office, the liability of the company or authorised capital. The application charges are subject to change.

Complisure guides you in amending your company’s Memorandum of Association in due compliance with provisions of Companies Act, 2013.

Major Clauses in Memorandum of Association

Object Clause

Under the Objects clause of the MOA, a Lawful Object can be stated and implemented irrespective of the company’s engagement in the mentioned activities. Any activity that has not been expressed in MOA would be considered ultra-vires from a legal point of view.

Name Clause

As per the Companies act, 2013, the company must be stated with the last word 'Limited' and in case of a private limited company, the name of the company must be stated with the last two words 'Private Limited'. No company should be registered with an objectionable name.

Liability Clause

The company must receive written consent for increased liability of its members. The MOA must mention whether the company is limited by guarantee or by shares and it must state whether the liability of its members is limited.

Situation Clause

Company’s Office located in the state must be mentioned by the MOA in for the ROC, jurisdiction of Court and tax authorities.

Capital Clause

The MOA of a company with a share capital needs to exhibit the amount of share capital which the registrar company is directed and division of shares of a fixed value.



Prior to the commencement of the process, our business expert will review AOA, proposed and present MOA of the Company to understand the background of the Company.


In order to commence the procedure, our experts will draft the required documentation with your consent and understanding of the procedures involved in amending the MOA.


On passing the Board Resolutions, we shall prepare and file all the necessary documents subject to government processing time and client document submission. The resolution for any alteration will take an average of 10 – 15 days’ time to file amended MOA further.

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