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Company Name Change

Complisure offers a wide range of consultation services in LLP registration, Trademark registration, name change, GST registration, etc. We can assist you in the process of filing for altering your company name in India subject to government processing time and client document submission, The process will take 10-15 days subject to government processing time on acceptance of the Name Change.

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Change of the Name of the Company

A company name is generally changed if there is an alteration in the model of the business, rebranding or change of promoters/ownership. The promoters or organizations can alter their company’s name after incorporation. In order to change the name of the company, Shareholders and Regulators approval is mandatory. There will be no legal impact to the existence of the entity due to the change in the name of the company. Hence, only the Company name will be altered whereas liabilities and assets of the company will remain the same.


Our advisors will review the proposed and current company name and provide additional support under the Companies Act, 2013 and other applicable regulations. In addition to this, we will even review the AOA for a better understanding of the company before the process begins. 1-3 working days will be required for the review process.


On your approval and understanding of the procedure of changing the name of your company, our experts will file and prepare the required documents.


When the Board Resolutions are passed, our advisors shall prepare and file all the required documents with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Registrar of Companies will issue a new certificate of incorporation after MCA approval of the application.

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