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Registered Office Change

In India, registered Companies must have a Registered Office in the State where the Company is registered. The company receives all the official letters and reminders from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to their registered address.

The Registered Office of a Company can be altered as follows:

a)     Within the local limit of the city: 

Within its local limit, town or village by filing a board resolution along with other documents to the concerned Registrar within 30 days from the initiation of the change.

b)     Within the state: 

If the change of the registered office is from one village, town or city to another village, town or city, etc., a special resolution is required.

c)      Other State: 

An Approval from appropriate Authorities or Regional Directors is required to change registered offices from one State to another State.



Subject to the nature of the change, our Advisors will guide you in the process to change the address of your registered office. In order to commence the procedure, our experts will draft the required documentation, with your consent and understanding of the procedures.


Once the Board Resolutions are passed, our Experts will file the necessary documents with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.