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A Company, an artificial person formed by the law, can only be directed through a natural person. Hence, the management and director of the company will include only living person consigned by the Board of Directors Based on time-based requirements of the business.

Director of the Company is an individual who maintains the affairs of the company as entrusted by the Shareholders. He/she maintains the company affairs as per the MOA and AOA of the Company and is elected by the company’s Shareholders.

In order to appoint a director, a proposed individual must acquire a Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). To acquire a DIN, one must be 18 years or older. The Nationality and Residency Status will not be considered for a DIN applicant. Hence, Indian Nationals, Foreign Nationals and Non-Residents of India can obtain DIN and the company will appoint the Director in India.

Types of Director in a Company

Managing Director

A Managing Director is a person who is entrusted with significant powers to maintain the company affairs by the company meeting, agreement or its Board of Directors.

Executive Director

An Executive Director is a person who is involved with full-time employment of the Company. Hence, he/she is vital in managing company affairs and management.

Additional Director

An additional Director is a person who upholds the business unit for a temporary period of time (usually up to two annual general meetings). Company is subject to their provisions of the Articles of Association (AOA) of an entity. He/She is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Ordinary Director

An Ordinary Director is neither a full-time Director nor a Managing Director. An Ordinary Director is concerned with the matters of the Board of Directors and has to attend the Board Meetings of a Company.

Alternate Director

An Alternate Director is appointed by the Board of Directors to act as a Director in general meetings. This person can replace the absence of the original Director for a time span of fewer than three months. Non-Residents of India and Foreign Collaborators are replaced and an Alternate Director is appointed.



The process includes the Director on the existing Board of Directors. We will advise and guide you with the relevant procedure.


On acquiring a complete understanding of the procedure, you will be guided to gather all the required documents by our experts.


In order to register a new Director, the required documents will be filed and prepared by our experts in accordance with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs soon after the Board Resolutions are progressed.

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